Webster Pharmacy compounds many products for pets. Our state of the art pharmacy keeps up to date with both human and veterinary standards in our compounding practice.

Type of Veterinary Compounds we make include:

Types of CompoundsExamples
Transdermal creams for catsMethimazole, fluoxetine, prednisolone
Flavored liquids for most animals Prednisolone, doxycyline hyclate metronidazole, and more
Capsulesbudesonide, ursodiol,

Bird Compounding

Quality Standards

We understand that pets are family members and take all precautions to ensure safe and effective compounds are prepared by our staff whether it is for a person or a pet.  We review dosing, duration, intended use, stability, and more when preparing medications. 

Getting Started

If your curious if a compounded option exist for your pet's medication give us a call and we can assist.

Ordering Process

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