Metformin & Diabetic Neuropathy

Metformin Benefits:

  • Lowers blood sugar
  • Can help prevent prediabetes
  • It is FDA approved to treat diabetes
  • 3-5 pounds of weight loss
  • PCOS

Metformin Side Effects

  • Diarrrhea
  • Vitamin B-12 depletion

So with every drug there is a benefit and there are side effects, and I always encourage patients to take their medication as their doctor prescribes them for a few reasons.  The goal of metformin therapy is to prevent the progression of diabetes and prevent the complications associated with diabetes. IF you don't take the medication as prescribed it is hard to adjust the dose up or down depending on your blood sugar is being controlled or not being controlled. Typically, it is the first oral medication used in diabetics, because it doesn't cause low blood pressure or weight gain.  

However, like all medications, they have unintended side effects. Metformin's first side effect is usually diarrhea. This typically only last for a few weeks, when you first start metformin. This usually goes away after a week. Metformin's other side effect is vitamin b-12 depletion.  This can happen years after starting metformin.  If the b-12 depletion continues for a long period of time it could cause anemia.

So if you are looking for more research on the link between metformin and diabetic neuropathy click here.

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